The Iconic Pennant Vintage Stripe Sportswear Jersey

Show off your team spirit in style and comfort with the Pennant Sportswear Vintage Stripe Sweatshirt. The jersey’s classic striped design is stylish and timeless, and it’s made of breathable and lightweight fabric, perfect for any sporting activity. This article explains What is a pennant vintage striped sportswear jersey,Design of the Pennant Vintage Striped Sportswear jersey, and types of Vintage Striped Sportswear jersey.

What is a Pennant Vintage Striped Sportswear Jersey?

The pennant vintage striped sportswear jersey is a classic sportswear featuring a striped design in various retro-inspired colors. This lightweight and breathable jersey is made from textile material, making this tracksuit a smart choice for active people.

Inspired by traditional tracksuits, this tracksuit features bold stripes at the waist and neckline. The one-tenth eye of the team emblem in the middle of the chest adds a touch of realism to the simple appearance. This jersey comes in many sizes, making it a great option for groups and individuals.

Along with its stylish design, the Iconic Pennant Vintage Stripe Jersey Sportswear is also optimized for performance. The polyester material wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping the wearer fresh even during intense workouts. The lightweight fabric allows for a full range of motion, making it ideal for basketball, rugby, soccer, and more.

What is a Pennant Vintage Striped Sportswear Jersey

Design of Pennant Vintage Striped Sportswear Jersey

The design concept is based on classics and guided by modernity. It has continuously innovated and improved the ball uniform, making it no longer just a simple piece of equipment but a manifestation of trend and personality.

  • The pennant vintage striped sportswear jersey features a classic design that borrows elements from traditional sweatshirts. Thick stripes run throughout the garment. Each strap comes in a different color for a vibrant, eye-catching style.
  • Thick stripes with a slight fade give it a nostalgic feel. Shoulder panels drop to the arms, matching the straps for a sporty look.
  • The V-neck design once again pays homage to classic sportswear. The neckline is screw thread to contrast with the stripes on the gown.
  • The jersey is made from a cotton and polyester blend that is soft to the touch and comfortable to wear—screw thread cuffs on the sleeves and hem to keep the jersey in place during activity.

Types of Vintage Striped Sportswear Jersey

Classic short-sleeved T-shirt: generally straight, round neck or V-neck, loose cuffs, loose and comfortable overall, suitable for athletes to participate in competitions and intense sports occasions.

Cape-style jersey: Cape-style jersey is a long cape-style jersey with a V-shaped or round neckline. Customized services are provided Help.

Long-sleeved tracksuit: Usually straight-cut, with a round neck, V-neck, and wide cuffs, it provides warmth without hindering movement and is suitable for winter sporting events and inclement weather.

Children’s clothing: pennant vintage striped sportswear jersey has a complete range of sizes and can be customized in small sizes for young enthusiasts and sports and fitness children.

Benefits of the pennant vintage striped sportswear jersey

Fashion: Pennant sportswear adopts classic design elements and color schemes, which are not easily outdated, making people feel as if they are in the past and feel a different atmosphere from the years.

Support: Many sportswear features team logos and colors, making them a stylish way to show support for your favorite team or sport.

Customization: Pennant retro striped jerseys sportswear can be customized according to different needs and requirements, providing teams or fans with a unique jersey style and image.

Strong and durable: The Pennant Vintage Stripe Sweatshirt Sportswear is made of premium materials and technology for durability, high tensile strength, and a long lifespan.


The Pennant Vintage Stripe Tracksuit Jersey is uniquely designed with stripes, other vintage elements, and classic designs, giving them a unique and nostalgic look. High-quality fabrics in a variety of styles and sizes. Provide customized services, don’t worry about not being able to choose a jersey that suits you. The fabric is composed of 100% polyester fiber, which has the characteristics of slender, soft, good air permeability, moisture absorption, and quick drying. The interweaving of metal wire and fiber gives the fabric a certain degree of stretch, and the loose fit increases the athlete’s freedom of movement and makes the garment more comfortable.


What sport is this jersey suitable for?

This jersey is suitable for all sports because of its lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking properties; whether it is playing basketball, running exercises, or outdoor sports such as mountaineering, it can keep the wearer comfortable in all sports.

Are the jerseys machine washable?

Yes, the Iconic pennant vintage stripe sportswear jersey is safe to wash in a standard washing machine and can also be oven dried on low. Try not to wash it too hard, or it will cause the jersey to break or fade, and avoid washing it with other items of different colors.

Can this jersey have a team logo or team name?

Yes, customized service is a major feature of the product. Consumer customization is very convenient, and many sporting goods retail dealers provide customized jersey services. Teams or individuals can add their favorite logo or name on the jersey to show their style.

Do I need to wear a sweatshirt with an undershirt?

An undershirt isn’t necessary, but wearing a lightweight, moisture-wicking undershirt promotes sweat management and absorbs sweat better. People who exercise a lot can try pairing it with undershirts for added comfort and sweat-wicking effects.

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