Personalized Pennant Tracksuit Hoodie by Screen Printing

Screen printing is widely used in the printing and manufacturing industries. It uses a screen (a grid with a fine mesh) and a certain amount of pressure to print ink or other substances onto different substrates. This article will introduce the steps of Pennant Sportswear hoodie screen printing, the benefits of Pennant Sportswear hoodie screen printing, and the cleaning and maintenance of Pennant Sportswear hoodie screen printing.

Screen Printing Steps for Pennant Sportswear Hoodie

Before screen printing, pick out the clothes that meet your requirements. Pennant Sports offers hats in various styles, colors, and materials. When choosing a silk screen hoodie, look at the silkscreen fabric, such as 100% cotton, blend, andpolyester. Customers can customize their own one-piece suits, zipper suits, etc., according to their preferences, each with its characteristics. In addition, the pennant sportswear hoodie also provides a series of color series tables, allowing customers to easily find the color that suits them.

  • Creative design:

Design is an important part of the screen printing process. The pennant sportswear hoodie website allows customers to upload their work online or design it through equipment planning software. When making charts, pay attention to the color of the pen cap and choose the appropriate ink color. In addition, pay attention to the position of the hat’s front, back, and cuffs. Pennant Sportswear provides templates to customers to help them visualize the layout of their designs.

  • Prepare artwork for screen printing:

Before submitting a design for screen printing, clients should prepare artwork to ensure the best results. Pennant Sportswear accepts files in various formats, including JPEG, PNG, and AI. Clients should ensure their designs are high resolution and at least 300 dpi. Customers should also convert their designs to the appropriate color model, such as CMYK or RGB. Additionally, it is imperative to ensure that the file is the correct size and ready for screen printing.

  • Screen printing process:

First, the blueprints were printed on the bottom plate and then used to display on the fluorescent screen. Then use photosensitive latex to coat the fluorescent screen and place the positive film on the latex-coated side of the fluorescent screen. Next, the phosphor screen and film positive are exposed to light, so the emulsion hardens. Finally, the screen is rinsed off, leaving only the printed page, and printing can begin. The ink is then applied to the fluorescent screen above the cover. Then the ink is pressed through the mesh and printed on the sweater to obtain a photo of vitality and durability. The hoodies are then left to dry and inspected to ensure high quality.

Screen Printing Steps for Pennant Sportswear Hoodie

Benefits of screen printing for pennant sportswear hoodies

  • Durability: Screen printing ink adheres to the fabric without fading or peeling off easily. In this way, the pattern can stay on the clothes for a long time and will not be damaged by repeated washing and use, which greatly increases the service life of the clothes.
  • Plasticity: Screen printing technology has many applications and can produce prints of different sizes, shapes, and dimensions. It can also be customized and personalized according to the needs of brands and designers. Personalized design endows pennant sportswear with more originality and artistry, making it unique and different from other brands, allowing consumers to better display their individuality.
  • Efficiency: Screen printing is a high-efficiency printing method that can complete a large number of garments in a short time. For manufacturers, this means that manufacturers can produce faster to keep up with market demand faster and make more profits.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Compared with other printing technologies, screen printing costs are relatively low, allowing manufacturers to produce more products at a lower cost and sell them to consumers at a cheaper price. Using screen printing technology can help manufacturers earn more profits, consumers buy at lower prices, and both parties benefit.

Cleaning and Maintenance Screen Printing Pennant Tracksuit Hoodie

  • Clean with Washing Instructions: Before cleaning, check the Laundry Instructions label on your Triangle Activewear Hoodie and follow the directions on the label. Screen printing requires mild and mild cleaners, as using hot water and overly harsh cleaners may cause the print to fade or peel.
  • Hand or Machine Wash: If the label says washing in a washing machine is allowed, use a mild detergent and cycle the wash step on a gentle cycle. Failure to do so may damage the print on the Triangle Tracksuit Hoodie. It is best to wash by hand, which can prolong the life of the triangle tracksuit hoodie.
  • Avoid Bleaching: Screen printing is a gentle technique; frequently using bleach may result in damaged prints or bright colors, and bleach is very corrosive. So avoid using bleach when cleaning your Triangle Activewear Hoodie.
  • Avoid High-Temperature Baking: High-temperature baking may cause the print on the Triangle Tracksuit Hoodie to narrow or become damaged. Therefore, it is best to bake at a low temperature or avoid using the dryer.
  • Avoid Sun Exposure: Prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause the triangle tracksuit hoodie print to peel and fade, greatly reducing the use time of the triangle tracksuit hoodie. Therefore, please avoid exposure to sunlight when storing or drying.


Screen printing of sports hoodies is a common printing technique that usually uses a screen coated with a color paste to print a pattern onto the fabric of a sports hoodie. Screen printing can produce durable, high-definition graphics and sportswear in various colors and patterns. Although screen printing can enrich the colors and patterns of sportswear, to achieve high-quality printing effects, it is necessary to choose sportswear suitable for screen printing, choose a reliable screen printing company, and pay attention to the quality of printing. Detail.


How long does the screen printing process take?

Screen printing time depends on several factors, such as the printing material, the complexity of the printing, the speed of the printing press, and more. Therefore, no definite answer can be given. Therefore, no definite answer can be given. Under normal circumstances, screen printing mainly includes screen making, ink distribution, base distribution, machine adjustment, etc. If the required pattern is relatively simple and the material is easy to print, it can be completed within a few minutes. However, if the printing pattern is more complicated, it needs to be overprinted layer by layer, or if there are special inks and materials, the time required for printing will be longer.

What types of materials can I screen print on?

Screen printing can be done on many types of clothing materials, but consider the suitability of the material and the printing effect.

  • Cotton: In silk screen clothing, cotton is the most common fabric. It has a flat surface, is easy to adhere to, and is easy to produce printing effects. Mercerized cotton, rayon, etc., are good printing materials.
  • Rubbing: Polymeric fabrics have a smoother surface than cotton fabrics, which are more suitable for fine patterns and complicated effects of screen printing, and are not easy to wrinkle, easy to clean, and can maintain long-term printing effects.
  • Nylon: Nylon is suitable for printing sportswear, outdoor sportswear, etc., due to its excellent durability and elasticity.
  • Weaving: The surface of silk weaving is smooth and clean, and the energy produces a noble feeling, which is suitable for printing clothing.
  • Wool: Wool has a soft feel and can print special effects. When printing is released, special ink must be used to ensure the effect of printing.
  1. Screen printing for rush orders?

Manufacturers can usually accept rush orders with sufficient production capacity, inventory, ready-made materials, and timely ink preparations. However, some particularly complex or large-scale orders take a long time to complete, so it is best to book as far in advance as possible when placing an order.

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